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Welcome to "The African Open Access Repository Initiative".

This repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes research related digital material, for African higher education institutions that do not have the technological capacity to do so at present, for the very long term.

The repository is managed according to generally accepted repository practice and was built using these recommended guidelines.

Please contact the scholar office (scholar@sun.ac.za) at the Stellenbosch University Library, to apply for a repository hosting service on this platform.

Also see: The African Open Access Journal Initiative

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Recently Added

  • Crow, Raym (SPARC Consulting Group, 2013-03)
    This report is the third in a series which examines issues relating to the economic sustainability of critical infrastructure services that support the operation and growth of open-access dissemination of scholarly and ...
  • Raju, Reggie   Smith, Ina   Gibson, Hilton (UKSG, 2013-03)
    Africa is viewed as a consumer of the world’s knowledge production. A significant factor influencing this status is the low research output, with the main contributor to this status being minimum access to scholarly ...
  • Swan, Alma (UNESCO, 2012-11-01)
    UNESCO issued this publication to demystify the concept of Open Access (OA) and to provide concrete steps on putting relevant policies in place. Building capacities in Member States for Open Access is a necessary but not ...
  • Botman, Russel (University News, 2012-11-25)
    Open access can help Africa to address its developmental challenges by moving the continent from the periphery of knowledge production to the centre. And the growth of open access on the continent signifies that Africa is ...
  • Gray, Eve   Chan, Leslie   Khan, Rebecca   Arunachalam, Subbiah   Muthu, Madhan   Dane, Tom   Abraham, Sunil   Rakesh, Pranesh   Wiens, Kelsey   Kuramoto, Helio (2012-11-20)
    This following report sets out to explore what Open Access means, how it has evolved as a philosophical and practical tool for scholarly communication, and how these publishing modes are currently being used to redress ...